Friendsgiving Story: Pride and Joy of Avon Childcare

Pride and Joy of Avon Childcare host an annual fundraiser for No Kid Hungry and they didn’t let Covid-19 stop them this past year. In years past, they would invite parents and family members to donate in exchange for joining them for a Friendsgiving lunch. However, with Covid-19, the childcare center didn’t allow anyone extra into the facility, so they had to get creative.  “We served students a traditional ‘Friendsgiving’ feast, and sent home treat bags with Thanksgiving crafts. For each person that donated, we entered them into a pie raffle! On the day of ‘Friendsgiving’, we drew names and sent home over a dozen delicious pies! To our shock, we raised more than we ever have before, totaling over 1,000 dollars towards No Kid Hungry! What a great way to carry on a tradition, in a safe way, that helped us to raise even more money for No Kid Hungry.” Even though gatherings and fundraisers may look a bit different this year, don’t let that hold you back when planning your event, get creative and have fun with it!