What is Fundraise for No Kid Hungry?

Fundraise for No Kid Hungry is anything you want it to be. Share your strengths to help end childhood hunger in America. By creating a fundraising campaign for your birthday, a food event, or an athletic event – you can raise the vital funds needed to connect hungry kids with healthy meals.

How will funds from my fundraiser be used?

Funds raised through your fundraiser support the No Kid Hungry campaign to end childhood hunger in America. Nationally, the campaign provides leadership, raises awareness and advocates for change that will make sure no kid in America ever goes hungry. Locally, No Kid Hungry funds the most effective anti-hunger organizations and builds partnerships that bring together public officials, nonprofits, community groups, private funders and businesses to end childhood hunger in a particular state or city. Learn more about the work being done through No Kid Hungry.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, anyone that donates to your campaign online will receive an email confirmation with their tax receipt. As the fundraiser, you cannot deduct the total that you raise since it is the total of other people’s donations.

Where do I find materials for my event?

Visit our resource center to access materials for your fundraising efforts. There you’ll find photos, social media images, videos and much more to help educate your donors and tell your fundraising story.