Birthday Story: Criselda, Christopher, and Jameson Ilao – Morganville, NJ

Criselda and Christopher wanted their son Jameson’s first birthday to mean more than just a big milestone for their family, so they decided to host a fundraiser in honor of this special occasion. They chose No Kid Hungry because, as they said, “we believe strongly in what No Kid Hungry does and we want to do our part in helping children especially those who have been impacted by the pandemic. Helping our community and being of service are values we want to instill in our son, so hosting this fundraiser was a great opportunity for us to do that. It felt good to have friends and family support us in this effort and the best part for us is being able to give our child this special memory we can all remember forever as a family.”


Hosting a birthday fundraiser is a great way to give back and it’s very easy to fundraise when you link your fundraiser to Facebook. It’s an easy way to share your fundraiser with friends and family.